A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Shardcraft is a MMO RTS in development. First playable demo is now available! Please leave a comment :)

You start  with a tiny  island and a small ship. By catching island shards your island will grow.  By crafting resources also your economy will grow.

Play with other player online, create alliances and explore the world together.

What work (v0.1.0):

- Registration and login
- Start with 4 Humans on your own island
- 2 basic resources trees, stones
- 2 resources planks, dressed stones, carrots, sunflowers, sunflower oil
- 12 Buildings: lumberjack (Holzfaeller), stonemason (Steinmetz), sawmill (Saegewerk), storage (Lager) crane (Kran), residential building (Wohnhaus), sunflower farm (Sonnenblumenfarm), carrot farm (Gelberübenfarm), field (Feld), oil press (Ölpresse), stone turbine (Steinturbine), scout (Kundschafter)
- Catching and adding Island shards
- Ingame chat and interaction with other players
- Worldmap which displays explored places
- Sell buildings (crane and storage)

Known issues (v0.1.0):

- Sometimes a added shard is not on right position. Its just a display problem. Restart your client.

What is missing:

- More Buildings
- More game content like NPCs
- usage of food (carrots)
- Path finding for Inhabitants (they just walk air line)
- collision (detection) between islands, ships,...
- ...

Next features planed:

- New Buildings:  market, ...
- Interaction with ohter players (on the market)
- NPC markets to buy rare resources
- Usage of food


Shardcraft_v010.zip 75 MB
Shardcraft_v0_1_0_Linux.tar 212 MB

Install instructions

Just download and unzip the file.

SHA256 Checksums:

371dae924f2e862a050a86cad22e89ae5985971d82d3cd397c403333ba5c71f9  Shardcraft_v010.zip
0acffda00bae4bbd6f0c08f057ea104fddf5d572c318ba9a74df8c687de33758  Shardcraft_v0_1_0_Linux.tar

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