Shardcraft v 0.1.0 release!

Shardcraft v 0.1.0 has a  lot of new features:

- New version check on client side, this allows faster update cycles with small updates on server and client side. Last number doesn't matter now for compatibility.
- Now its possible to sell (most) buildings. You get 30% of the original costs back.
- Its not possible to move units outside +/- 3000 in each direction (camera coordinates are displayed on the radar)
- Some issues with the crane are fixed
- During building a stone turbine the resources are displayed now (was a bug in v 0.0.5)
- Small changes in GUI:
- If you select a worker you could choose her/his aktion with 3 buttons:
   - Build: open build menue
   - Work@: with a click to a building the worker start to work for this building
   - Sell: The worker go to the building and destroy it
- User chat added. A message is send to each player. Chat messages are not stored on server side and only shared with all players which are online at this moment by the server.
- 1 new Building: Scout (Kundschafter) This enables the world map
- World map to show explored places

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Jun 20, 2020

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