Shardcraft first Public Alpha (v0.0.4) released!

This is first public release of Shardcraft.

- Registration and login
- Start with 4 humans on your own island
- 2 basic resources: trees, stones
- 2 resources: planks, dressed stones
- 5 Buildings: lumberjack (Holzfaeller), stonemason (Steinmetz), sawmill (Saegewerk), crane (Kran), residential building (Wohnhaus)

Game play:
Start with a lumberjack and a sawmill.
Get more basic resources with your ship by catching island shards and attach them to your island by a crane.

In this first release basic game play is implemented. You could explore the world and you could see other players. In the next days I will add additional  features.  Release planing for v 0.0.5 will be updated soon (e.g. interaction with other players)!

Known issues (v0.0.4):
* Sometimes the crane doesn't work. Then a restart of the client is required

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May 23, 2020

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