Shardcraft v0.0.5 released!

New features in version 0.0.5:

- 3 new resources: sunflower, sunflower oil, carrot (carrots has no function now, will be added soon)

- 5 new buildings: sunflower farm (Sonnenblumenfarm), carrot farm (Gelberübenfarm), field (Feld), oil press (Ölpresse), stone turbine (Steinturbine)

Sunflower farm

Oil press

Stone turbine

- some bugfixes (issues with crane, residents movement,...)
- tech tree e.g. residential building could only build after a stonemason or a crane after a sawmill
- display of working place of your residents

New Gameplay:
If you have a carrot farm or a sunflower farm, set a field where the plants could planted. The Farm need a worker, the field don't need a worker. Farm level 1 could work on one field. (in v0.0.5 only lvl 1 is available)
To move your island build a stone turbine, click first on the stone turbine and second on a destination (like choosing a new destination for the ship).
A stone turbine need sunflower oil for operation. With more stone turbines you increase the movement speed. But a lot of island shards slow down the speed...

Have fun and please leave a comment.

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Jun 08, 2020

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